Potts right on point.

MissChu is a Vietnamese cuisine in Potts Point, which embodies the vibe, and all the simplicity of a street kitchen in Southeast Asia, but with the added bonus of superior hygiene.

Plastic chairs and tables fill up the street corner, drawing a lively crowd. Food is ordered through a hole in the wall and everyone makes the most of what little space is provided. If you’re worried about having your personal space invaded then this is not the place for you.

Lunch at MissChu is a great opportunity to get rid of any spare change weighing down your pockets. It’s value for money.

The lychee and cucumber crush is surprisingly good, and if you’re craving something sweet, I recommend trying a custard bun. They’re perfectly smooth in texture. One of my girlfriends made the comparison to a baby’s bottom, to which I raise an eyebrow, but make up your own mind =)

Misschu on Urbanspoon

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8 thoughts on “Potts right on point.

  1. Dip It Black says:

    That crush looks very tastfull!
    Too bad I dont live near..


  2. phr0ggi says:

    “with the added bonus of superior hygiene”
    LOL’d hard.
    Like ugly hard.
    That hard.
    Also, I’m crushing on that crush image.
    That’s a thing.

  3. soyandsauce says:

    My dad makes the best Pho :)

    Your photography skills are amazing! I’m considering a new camera… What’s yours?

  4. caroline1t says:

    Oh that looks absolutely yummy!

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