Meet Marshall, of The {Tiny} Times.

Tiny in stature, but that hasn’t stopped this little charismatic charmeur, age two, from taking a giant stand in the fashionable world of blogging.

I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Marshall, the Internet sensation, who by no means shies away from the flare of a camera.

Despite the attention (to which he appears oblivious), this trendy toddler, stays grounded, and enjoys quality time with a loving family.

But of course, before getting serious about playtime, there’s those all-important wardrobe choices, in which Marshall refuses to take a side-stand.

It’s all part of the fun.

Check him out at

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12 thoughts on “Meet Marshall, of The {Tiny} Times.

  1. viveka says:

    Cute and very trendy – brave to put pink pants on boy, but very mush fashion.

  2. Too cute. I’m loving his tuxedo tee!

  3. rounakvyas says:

    hmmmmm nice kind of like seeing a small storry two thums up

  4. Aww these pictures are so lovely! Thank you so much miss coco lima xoxoxo

  5. I want a shirt like that. :)

  6. allthingsque says:

    awww I love this haha! Your photography skills are CRAZY

  7. perrywarren says:

    He is just too adorable and kids make great subjects, but you’ve done a lovely job of capturing where he is in life without seeming gimiky or schmaltzy. Lovely!!!

  8. jettedivine says:

    awww…. so cute! I love your photos!

  9. wow … love that first shot! excellent!

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