A rich and refined romance. Longrain.

I’m always super excited about sharing hot restaurant tips.

Last night I had dinner with friends, at a sensational spot in Surry Hills, called Longrain.

The conceptual layout at Longrain has a northern European feel. The space is light and airy, but finished with a modest and determined décor.

Longrain is driven by aesthetics; this is a dining experience that is all about stimulating the senses, with dishes designed to share (which I always love).

The cuisine is a fuse between Thai and southern Chinese.

Longrain was impressive from start to finish; from pre-dinner, freshly shaken, cocktails, at the candle lit bar, to impeccably presented, scrumptious, desserts. It was a beautiful story.

Yes, caught up in sensual stimulation, romanticised, and, as with any romance, perhaps becoming prone to overlook flaws. Therefore I will make it a point to express my disappointment in the waiting staff, which lacked any sense of engagement and charm.

Was that a little harsh?

Longrain Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

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12 thoughts on “A rich and refined romance. Longrain.

  1. Longrain’s looks fantastic. Next time I’m Down Under, I’ll have to sample some of that fusion. Great post!

  2. Nice set of photographs! Looks like a cool restaurant!

  3. Socialkenny says:

    I’m getting the drift that the photos are actually from the restaurant? And what is the cocktail in the first pic?

    • No, I take all my pictures. That’s my passion and what my blog is about, otherwise it would loose its point. I had a mojito, which is my favorite cocktail btw haha and my friends had something lychee based. Very tasty…

  4. chrislloydy says:

    This place looks cool.. Is it in Sydney? I’m moving there next week from the UK

  5. Nice images captured the atmosphere

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