A skinny latte… Sugar, please. Oh, and can I supersize that?!

A life in fashion, is a life of excess, and without compromise; the dream that we are all chasing.

But fashion is always fading. Lasting style means mastering unassuming sophistication. A generic trend should never be interpreted literally.


A great look always stems from humility. With that in mind, there is no such thing as going overboard… ever!

So, bring on the X-X-L print sweater, the over-sized shoulder bag, and frame it with something chunky.


And why not pose with a Great Dane, if you see one coming your way!


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7 thoughts on “A skinny latte… Sugar, please. Oh, and can I supersize that?!

  1. Dip It Black says:

    Totally agree!
    Never take a trend too serious, and stick to your own taste!


    • Socialkenny says:

      I disagree with the notion of “sticking to your own taste”. I’m a dating coach in the seduction community, we preach that men should always mix things up when it comes to fashion in order to appear appealing and novel to women. A guy really cannot do this if he’s segregated to 1 taste, or his taste(which most times is only 1 taste/style).

      • Perhaps its not about sticking to your own, but every wardrobe should have a pretty solid base. I love trends but you need a balance or it can look like an effort. Don’t you think? =)

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Apart from the dog(which I hate BTW), I’m feeling the guy’s wardrobe overall. That’s definitely my style currently(as I usually mix up my fashion style every few months).

  3. ricojocson says:

    wow!i really like the mood of the shots!neatly done!

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