She likes to dance when no one’s watching.


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16 thoughts on “She likes to dance when no one’s watching.

  1. rounakvyas says:

    well come back….. but you are back with a bang… nice theme
    sure would like to use it some day :)

  2. dopechic says:

    Yes she does! And you should check out “her” blog:

  3. WordpressReport.wordpress says:

    Reblogged this on WordPress Report.

  4. Just George says:

    I really like the wide.jpg

  5. Lovely minimalist images, with similar tonalities in all the set. Well put together, the images give orientation and feeling

  6. CamKam says:

    Love your style of photography, and great blog Coco!

  7. settingthebarre says:

    great collection of photos! i love the shot of the reflection in the pool water…so captivating. xo

  8. Very nice pictures. The reflection in the pool, the hose in foreplan and the scuba goggles are my favorite ones.

  9. jettedivine says:

    these are simply lovely… amazing!

  10. msroosipuu says:

    You are amazingly good photographer ;) Just love it , Really good

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