Pretty little thing.





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21 thoughts on “Pretty little thing.

  1. These photos are really beautiful.

  2. Simon Soon says:

    Those pictures are lovely with soft atmosphere. Inspired …..

  3. tqdcamille says:

    The pastel colors are so lovely and happy and calming. Exquisite.

  4. I love them so much!!!:)

  5. Pretty little things indeed! Great shots. :-)

  6. soroilily says:

    Beautiful pics!

  7. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Astounding post.jalal

  8. newenglandfoundme says:

    Oh, these look amazing!

  9. koreanmutt says:

    you take beautiful pictures, they inspire me to learn photography~

  10. Just to let you know – I’ve nominated you for a much deserved Sunshine Blog Award – hop back to mine for more info! x

  11. Charlie says:

    oh yes! Jean Pierre Sancho cafe does those in Perth – super expensive but oh so nice.

  12. The macaroons are so pretty! I especially love the aqua blue ones – great photos!

  13. Joakim says:

    I suddenly want some sweets:p

  14. DGC says:

    I could eat macaroons all day, beautiful photos!

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