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Sydney to Stockholm in 1 hour 30?


Closing in on a decade of living in Sydney, and I cannot believe it took me so long to make this trip!

I’m not talking about a one and a half hour trip to Stockholm of course, but I felt surprisingly close to home, drifting the streets of this charismatic city.

I found myself completely captivated by a city that clearly has made a push to prove it can provide a cultured experience almost comparable to a Northern European city.


Away from the chaos that seems so evident in Sydney, by comparison, I really indulged in a weekend getaway.

I spent much of my weekend navigating alleyways, proving to house most of the city’s treasures. Some alleyways are filled with exceptional works of graffiti; others are lined with vibrant cafes. Others again, will pave the way to a bar, which has been famed and named one of the city’s most exciting new hidden gem.


I can’t wait to go back.


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Its never too late to say I LOVE YOU!

I never got the chance to share some love on my blog this Valentines Day.

Never too late to say I love you…

Sharing some of my old work <3


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A little like paradise.

In the sea.

A little island off Papua New Guinea called Nusa.

A little like paradise.

Coconut treeBeatlenut



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Portraits from an island.

Hi everyone!

Sharing some portraits that I captured in Png last week. Finally getting round to doing my first blog post of the year and I’m looking forward to getting back into my blogging this 2013.


Coconut kidsLostPNG madeMarket boySchool girlIsland kidsLiquor shop

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A night at the opera. Meet Ryan.

“There’s no such thing as overdressing.”, cried a wise woman, once upon a time.

And then we coined the term.

True story.

A skeptic?

Seriously, it’s solid advice!

Take it a step further, and learn how to dress for the occasion, to draw some unexpected attention.

Nobody does it better… Dressed for a night at the opera, this is Ryan.

The big lesson?

Daring to stand out in a crowd.

Isn’t that what fashion is all about?

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A silent song, but my heart beats to its drum.

The new collection is called Paper Hands, and its pretty exciting. The fashion label; Song for the Mute, but you’ve probably heard of it by now.

The lyrics of a muted song, expressed through flawless construction and stunning lines.

Jade throws the black cape over a white shirt and mini.

Worn with some scuffed up boots.

Here’s what I love, the pieces in the collection are so easily introduced into any wardrobe. I’ve got my eye on a few, which I’m certain would feel right at home in mine. I might start my list a little early this year.

Dear Santa… =)

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A skinny latte… Sugar, please. Oh, and can I supersize that?!

A life in fashion, is a life of excess, and without compromise; the dream that we are all chasing.

But fashion is always fading. Lasting style means mastering unassuming sophistication. A generic trend should never be interpreted literally.


A great look always stems from humility. With that in mind, there is no such thing as going overboard… ever!

So, bring on the X-X-L print sweater, the over-sized shoulder bag, and frame it with something chunky.


And why not pose with a Great Dane, if you see one coming your way!


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