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Nice. What else could I ask for?


Café Nice has just opened its doors in Circular Quay.


On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, the atmosphere was nice…



…the food was nice.


The service was nice…


…and so was the coffee.


Honestly, I thought this place was fantastic, so I couldn’t wait to share it! :)


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Sydney to Stockholm in 1 hour 30?


Closing in on a decade of living in Sydney, and I cannot believe it took me so long to make this trip!

I’m not talking about a one and a half hour trip to Stockholm of course, but I felt surprisingly close to home, drifting the streets of this charismatic city.

I found myself completely captivated by a city that clearly has made a push to prove it can provide a cultured experience almost comparable to a Northern European city.


Away from the chaos that seems so evident in Sydney, by comparison, I really indulged in a weekend getaway.

I spent much of my weekend navigating alleyways, proving to house most of the city’s treasures. Some alleyways are filled with exceptional works of graffiti; others are lined with vibrant cafes. Others again, will pave the way to a bar, which has been famed and named one of the city’s most exciting new hidden gem.


I can’t wait to go back.


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A rich and refined romance. Longrain.

I’m always super excited about sharing hot restaurant tips.

Last night I had dinner with friends, at a sensational spot in Surry Hills, called Longrain.

The conceptual layout at Longrain has a northern European feel. The space is light and airy, but finished with a modest and determined décor.

Longrain is driven by aesthetics; this is a dining experience that is all about stimulating the senses, with dishes designed to share (which I always love).

The cuisine is a fuse between Thai and southern Chinese.

Longrain was impressive from start to finish; from pre-dinner, freshly shaken, cocktails, at the candle lit bar, to impeccably presented, scrumptious, desserts. It was a beautiful story.

Yes, caught up in sensual stimulation, romanticised, and, as with any romance, perhaps becoming prone to overlook flaws. Therefore I will make it a point to express my disappointment in the waiting staff, which lacked any sense of engagement and charm.

Was that a little harsh?

Longrain Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

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Potts right on point.

MissChu is a Vietnamese cuisine in Potts Point, which embodies the vibe, and all the simplicity of a street kitchen in Southeast Asia, but with the added bonus of superior hygiene.

Plastic chairs and tables fill up the street corner, drawing a lively crowd. Food is ordered through a hole in the wall and everyone makes the most of what little space is provided. If you’re worried about having your personal space invaded then this is not the place for you.

Lunch at MissChu is a great opportunity to get rid of any spare change weighing down your pockets. It’s value for money.

The lychee and cucumber crush is surprisingly good, and if you’re craving something sweet, I recommend trying a custard bun. They’re perfectly smooth in texture. One of my girlfriends made the comparison to a baby’s bottom, to which I raise an eyebrow, but make up your own mind =)

Misschu on Urbanspoon

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Barriga llena, corazón contento.

I’m pleased when I find a Spanish restaurant that truly captures the essence of Spanish food culture. It makes me feel right at home. I liked Subsolo from the moment I set foot on the gloomy staircase leading into this basement on King street. You could just feel the vibrant energy and warmth in the atmosphere, that drew this crowd underground.

The menu at Subsolo is very contemporary. The vegetarian submenu was mouth watering, with dishes such as roasted vegetables with haloumi, tofu and chickpea puree. It was convincing enough to turn my dinner dates vegetarian for the night. I love when that happens!

There was the one exception…


My one disappointment at Subsolo was that they didn’t serve sangria in jugs. There’s just something wrong about ordering sangria by the glass, don’t you think?

Subsolo on Urbanspoon

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You tart.

The Commons is a calm sanction in Darlinghurst, which feels half a mile away from the bustling streets of Sydney cbd. The courtyard is a great spot for a chilled Saturday afternoon brunch. They have a great food philosophy whereby they use local produce. However, as a vegetarian I would have loved to see some v’s on the menu.


A soy cap, and a clumsy waiter who was quickly forgiven when lunch was served. Recommend the spinach and parmesan tart, which was light, summery and fresh. Nom nom nom.


The Commons Local Eating House on Urbanspoon

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