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Minty Meets Munt

Minty Meets Munt concept store opening on Thursday night.

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A night at the opera. Meet Ryan.

“There’s no such thing as overdressing.”, cried a wise woman, once upon a time.

And then we coined the term.

True story.

A skeptic?

Seriously, it’s solid advice!

Take it a step further, and learn how to dress for the occasion, to draw some unexpected attention.

Nobody does it better… Dressed for a night at the opera, this is Ryan.

The big lesson?

Daring to stand out in a crowd.

Isn’t that what fashion is all about?

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A silent song, but my heart beats to its drum.

The new collection is called Paper Hands, and its pretty exciting. The fashion label; Song for the Mute, but you’ve probably heard of it by now.

The lyrics of a muted song, expressed through flawless construction and stunning lines.

Jade throws the black cape over a white shirt and mini.

Worn with some scuffed up boots.

Here’s what I love, the pieces in the collection are so easily introduced into any wardrobe. I’ve got my eye on a few, which I’m certain would feel right at home in mine. I might start my list a little early this year.

Dear Santa… =)

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A skinny latte… Sugar, please. Oh, and can I supersize that?!

A life in fashion, is a life of excess, and without compromise; the dream that we are all chasing.

But fashion is always fading. Lasting style means mastering unassuming sophistication. A generic trend should never be interpreted literally.


A great look always stems from humility. With that in mind, there is no such thing as going overboard… ever!

So, bring on the X-X-L print sweater, the over-sized shoulder bag, and frame it with something chunky.


And why not pose with a Great Dane, if you see one coming your way!


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Savage beauty. Meet Ben.

Ben’s sense of style is simply sensational. His wardrobe is a window into his soul, and an expression of exceptional individuality. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve.

Yes, Ben’s wardrobe is incredibly impressive, but you truly get a sense of accidental perfection. It just doesn’t look like hard work, and that is why I love it.

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Keepin’ it real while I fake it.


I absolutely adore Willow shoes by Isabel Marant, and have been admiring them from afar for a long time now. However, when it comes to fashion, most of us have to pick our battles. I have to admit, I just wasn’t prepared to put up a real fight for those little cuties. I know, terrible…. So..? I didn’t go for gold, but I still walked away feeling like a winner when I picked up this imitation pair today, by Steve Madden, at a bargain price of $135.

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