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Brooklyn style.

My favourite thing about Sydney is that it is immensly diverse in culture. Of course, this also means that it’s easy to find authentic quality food from all parts of the world… Which is perhaps my second favourite thing about Sydney :) My list of places to try is far from getting any shorter. One thing Sydney’s always been missing though, is a place that serves freshly baked bagels a la New York style. The good news is that Brooklyn Hide has stepped in to fill the void. I actually visitid this Surry Hills based cafe to take photos for a review – which you can read on stylecreeper.com btw – but I felt I had to share this one with yall.



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Behind the label.

DSC_5020 Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Hayley and Lauri Smith – the talented sisters and designer duo behind the label Serpent and the Swan – for stylecreeper.com. These girls are a true inspiration – hard working, passionate, and despite all of their success, I was humbled in their company.DSC_4999DSC_5016DSC_4988DSC_4987DSC_4978DSC_4997DSC_4982     Read the interview with Hayley and Lauri on http://www.stylecreeper.com.

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Minty Meets Munt

Minty Meets Munt concept store opening on Thursday night.

DSC_4364DSC_4348DSC_4344DSC_4342DSC_4334DSC_4347DSC_4354DSC_4356DSC_4366DSC_4358DSC_4369More on stylecreeper.com

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Its never too late to say I LOVE YOU!

I never got the chance to share some love on my blog this Valentines Day.

Never too late to say I love you…

Sharing some of my old work <3


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A night at the opera. Meet Ryan.

“There’s no such thing as overdressing.”, cried a wise woman, once upon a time.

And then we coined the term.

True story.

A skeptic?

Seriously, it’s solid advice!

Take it a step further, and learn how to dress for the occasion, to draw some unexpected attention.

Nobody does it better… Dressed for a night at the opera, this is Ryan.

The big lesson?

Daring to stand out in a crowd.

Isn’t that what fashion is all about?

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